About Taylor Cravey

Taylor was born in 1993 in Corpus Christi, TX. In 2012 she traveled from one end of Texas to the other to get an education in Photography. She was accepted into the University of North Texas’ Photography Program December 2013 and has since made exceptional work in a variety of mediums. She has recently graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a Concentration in Photography.

Cravey's recent work has focused on creating vernacular images of her family. Her work has been exhibited from South Texas to North Texas in the Cora Stafford Gallery and Frisco Discovery Center Art Gallery in Denton and Frisco, Texas. She has worked hard to receive honors such as being awarded a place on the College of Visual Arts and Design Dean’s List in 2014.

Today, Taylor Cravey resides in Corpus Christi, TX where she continues to be a freelance photographer and artist.